Services & Solutions

Plate Heat Exchangers

Full Service Repair and Maintenance Program Specialists

Our vast experience in the Marine, Oil & Gas industry sectors has endowed us with the optimal level of expertise to handle all types of Plate Heat Exchanger jobs from a full servicing, major or minor repairs and troubleshooting, to the most basic maintenance programs to ensure optimal efficiency in running your plate heat exchangers to maximize machinery output.

Removal and Refitting of Plate Heat Exchangers

Our carefully crafted servicing programs begins with a detailed and carefully executed Removal and Refitting plan to meet your most stringent schedules. Our highly experienced team of veteran service engineers and removal specialists will ensure that we remove or refit in the most productive, safe and expedient manner so as to ensure that we do not hold up any other vital functions within your engine room or plants, be it being executed at the shipyard, in anchorage, or your building or plant – we will deliver service excellence.


All gaskets are carefully removed to preserve their integrity and material compounds to lengthen their useful lives where necessary. After which, the Plates are pre-washed, then de-greased and/or de-scaled through a careful process mapped out by our operations and service engineer to ensure that no contaminants are left on the plate. After which the plates are put through a system of high-pressure washing to ensure a clean and clear surface.


The plates are then sent for checking to ensure that the plates are in optimal working condition through a system of dye-penetrant test and ultra violet checking to check for cracks, pin-holes, material failure, or possible degradation due to years of wear and tear.


The plates are then carefully re-gasketted with high quality gaskets or its original gaskets (when viable) using our special adhesives and cured in a purpose built oven to ensure proper bonding between the gaskets and the plates.

Gasket Supply

We stock gaskets for the most common models of Plate Heat Exchanger brands such as Alfa Laval, APV, Tranter, SWEP, GEA etc in our climate controlled store to ensure maximum viability of our gasket stocks to deliver the best results.

Plate Supply

We also supply reconditioned and new plates for Alfa Laval, APV, Tranter, SWEP, GEA, and other popular brands of Plate Heat Exchangers. Our global network of affiliates will ensure that we can source and deliver your plates to you to minimize your down-time should you be faced with plate failure.

Specialist Services

Our team of dedicated service engineers and specialists will travel to any part of the World to offer their specialist services such as troubleshooting and problem solving for your vessels anywhere around the globe to deliver your our service excellence where ever we can be of service to you.