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Shell & Tube Exchangers

A TOTAL SOLUTION Package – Cleaning, servicing, re-tubing, & complete fabrication

AMS provides a TOTAL SOLUTION package of expertise to enable our clients to entrust us with their Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers. From removal to service, to re-tubing, to a complete full fabrication – we possess the technological and know-how from using state of the art 3D modeling and design, complex Heat transfer calculations, to our experienced team inputs and professionalism to ensure that the job is always done right to fulfill the toughest requirements and timelines in a safe and efficient manner to ensure full customer satisfaction. From removal, to cleaning, to re-tubing, to hydrostatic testing, to re-fitting – we offer you our very best.

Removal and Refitting of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Service excellence begins with a detailed and carefully executed Removal and Refitting plan to meet your most stringent schedules. Our highly experienced veteran team of service engineers and removal specialists will ensure that we remove or refit in the most productive, safe, and expedient manner at the shipyard, in anchorage, or your building or plant.


Cleaning of the Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger is done in a system of chemical cleaning which involves de-greasing, de-scaling, Neutralizing, ultra-sonic cleaning, and high pressure washing to ensure that the tube bundle is clean of all chokes and impurities. The tubes are also subject to a cleaning regime to ensure that the tubes are cleared of all chokes and blockages.

Re-Tubing and Repair of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Our teams of specialists will conduct re-tubing of your shell & tube heat exchanger using the latest state of the art tooling in our workshops, at the shipyard, or on-board your vessels at your convenience to ensure that we can provide you our very best to keep your operations running smoothly with as little interruptions as possible.

Complete Fabrication and Re-engineering

Our experienced team of designers and engineers will re-design or fabricate shell & tube heat exchangers to your most exacting demands and configurations to ensure optimal heat transfer and efficiency to meet your most high demands using the latest software, tools and machinery.

Specialist Services

Our team of dedicated service engineers and specialists will travel to any part of the World to troubleshoot, re-tube, remove chokes in your Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers for your vessels anywhere around the globe to your convenience and satisfaction.